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Factory by Sutra


Factory by Sutra is situated in SCO-23, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India.

Customer Reviews - 4.1 from 5 Reviews

Shiva Gupta - 11 February,2018 09:01:22am - 4/5 Rating

Just like it's name, FACTORY, it is properly designed like one, with big beer brew setup, adding to its unusual but grandiose ambience. We were restaurant hopping so just took Dahi Kebabs and Pink pasta. The Kebabs were tasteless i would say but the hospitality of the staff covered that up, they got loads of sauces and dips to make it taste good, the pink pasta was tasty and made with due consideration of our choice. The best thing was prompt service and great ambience. Would come back for more for sure.

Akshay Pratap Singh - 12 December,2017 21:52:44pm - 4/5 Rating

Good place to hang out with friends if you are a fan of fresh beer. Food is good. They have a rooftop seating as well. Recommended for Friday and Saturday nights.

Harshita Srivastava - 08 January,2018 00:47:48am - 2/5 Rating

Pretty average place. Needs to up its game in terms of services and hospitality. The beer is good no doubt. The food is okay, nothing special.

Ankit Gupta - 19 November,2017 23:22:11pm - 5/5 Rating

Been here multiple times. A lovely place to hangout with friends or for couples. Live music is also good. In day time dy run promotional offers. Also a workspace facility during day. They have open area also. Sitting arrangement is spacious and not cramp like in many lounges now a days. Beer is also good. Food is tasty and serving size is normal. Not too small neither excessive. A must place to visit.

aman srivastava - 09 November,2017 11:41:21am - 5/5 Rating

Has to be one of the finest upscale places in sector 29. Their Brew is simply amazing. I requested for a beer sampler and to be honest I liked each one of them. I personally liked their Dark beer the most. I ordered Masala Fries as a side and they were cooked to perfection.

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