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  • Name Fat Burger
  • Legal EntityN/A
  • Full Address 102, First Floor, Cyber hub,, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122003, India

  • ZIP Code
  • Phone 095995 17744

Fat Burger


Fat Burger is situated in 102, First Floor, Cyber hub,, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana 122003, India.

Customer Reviews - 3.9 from 5 Reviews

Pushkin Shukla - 30 April,2016 07:41:10am - 4/5 Rating

Cyber hub is know for its unique and interesting places to wine and dine. I went with my colleague to cyber hub in search of some interesting place to catch quick snacks and land up at FATBurger. I must admit that the patty is very nice and juicy. I have went to most of the burger joints like : Carl's Jr., Johnny Rockets etc. But, I couldn't found any USP than a catch name. But I love the idea of popping a pint with a my chicken burger. I will explore it more and go again :)

Cole Brown - 26 December,2016 04:52:12am - 5/5 Rating

I love this place. Regularly eat here for lunch. Good burgers, side options, and drink options. Try the shakes.

Chaitu Areti - 26 April,2017 22:11:06pm - 1/5 Rating

Guys are you even serious. The contact number of the restaurant seems to be the mobile number of the security guard who has no idea about the menu of the chain. When i asked him to give the mobile to the serving staff he asked me to call the next as he was not in the mood to go inside right away. And god should know why the landline number cannot be connected. I never expected this from a multinational chain like fatburger. Look into the issue and i wanno know about the xxxl burger challange.

Sudipto De - 22 February,2017 08:31:31am - 4/5 Rating

The best burgers I have had in a long time with a plethora of good side options :)

Rahul Sehgal - 21 December,2015 06:49:12am - 3/5 Rating

Fatburger fatburger how are you, Tired of Macwendykings I had hopes from you, Crumbling patties and soggy bread is what I got, If you want me back again please improve your lot. I did not know that a burger joint could bring out the poetry from me. But I am tired of fast food chains coming to India and doling out food with the scantiest respect for the evolving palates of the Indian diners. Better than most, Fat burger is still a go to place because they have potential to do better. Ordered a "Loaded" with the so called "toasty bun" which came with a soggy bottom, which was icky to hold so just ate the bland crumbly patty with a fork and knife leaving the rest on the plate. I thought that maybe this was because of the extras like the fried egg or bacon etc but not really. Fortunately had ordered an outlaw chicken which met the muster but the bun again had the soggy bottom and no excuses like the loaded. Service is good but any escalation needs better responses. When I told the server about the soggy bun , he called the Manager who saw the problem but except for telling me that he would share my feedback with the management did nothing. Ideally, the dishes should have been offered to be replaced if I wanted or been removed from the bill. I just wrote my experience but forgot to mention the loud music playing at 2.30 in the afternoon. In our case the server actually could not hear us so needed to turn it down after which it got turned up again because apparently the customers wanted it. Told them that this was a family restaurant and not a night club, but it did not cut much ice. Maybe some one has told them that loud thumping music makes the customers talk less and eat more. I feel for good restaurants whose apathy towards their customers compromises an otherwise good offering.

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