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  • Name The Ivy Restaurant
  • Legal EntityN/A
  • Full Address 89/90, Ground Floor, Baani Square, Sector 50, Pocket C, Mayfield Garden, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana 122017, India

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  • Phone 098714 49222

The Ivy Restaurant


The Ivy Restaurant is situated in 89/90, Ground Floor, Baani Square, Sector 50, Pocket C, Mayfield Garden, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana 122017, India.

Customer Reviews - 4.8 from 5 Reviews

Rohit Bhasin - 19 December,2017 11:46:17am - 5/5 Rating

One of the best restaurants in town and not just in Baani Square if one needs to enjoy authentic well curated Mediterranean and Continental dishes along with some exotic desserts and choicest of drinks. Their ambience also stands out amidst the huge number of choices that Baani Square offers. This coupled with the awesome service makes it really stand apart. The owner Mr. Shailendra has tremendous experience in the hospitality industry and makes special effort to ensure that each guest is well taken care off and really cherishes their meal. Definitely worth a visit for your friend outings, dates or family meals

Prayag Mukhi - 21 February,2018 01:23:22am - 4/5 Rating

The ivy is a place in Gurgaon which is worth visiting. You won't get disappointed with this place. They don't just serve great food but also provide great ambience and services I loved paper cheese roll filled with delicious cheese , phyllo cups were delicious and crispy, lasagne de romeo took the spot light. I would recommend to try soy and paneer shawarma. Brownie with chocolate syrup was great. This place is worth visiting.

Kanti K. Dua - 22 January,2018 01:09:50am - 5/5 Rating

awesome food, quick service super friendly staff the real Lebanese

Mahin - 14 December,2017 10:10:28am - 5/5 Rating

Amazing food and service. Definitely coming back!! Recommended

Nimisha Dutta - 17 December,2017 02:02:30am - 5/5 Rating

A cute little café serving some lip smacking continental, Lebanese and muddle eastern cuisine, THE IVY is one perfect place for a good lunch. I went with my mom and choose to have lunch here because we wanted to try some very different cuisine. One thing I loved was the decent and comfortable ambience of the café. It is spread across 2 floors with a pretty limited space. Coming on to food, we started with Mocktails. ● TOBLERONE SHAKE -It was one fine shake I had in a while. Suprisingly the consistency wasn't very thick like usual shakes do have. I loved the mild texture of the shake with a fine texture and sweetened to perfection. Each sip had chunks of Toblerone chocolate in it. Worth a try! ● CRISPY TOADSTOOL DEUPLEX - Take a single bite, and you can feel the crunch of it. One another good dish of the day, these were basically mushrooms cut into half, stuffed with cheddar cheese and then covered with a batter, fried till golden brown. It had a tingling flavour and tasted very good. The Chipotle dip was extremely spicy. Went too well with it. ● PAPER CHEESE ROLL - The star of the day, this dish was super simple yet super awesome. These were very crunchy paper rolls which had fillings of bell peppers of all colours and then mozerella cheese coating the stuffing. They were deep fried till crispy golden and served with another scrumptious dip, cocktail dip. Just take a bit of it with the dip and enjoy! ● SPAGETTHI A.O.E - I have never tasted a typical spaghetti and today took a chance to have it. That's what I am telling with no regrets. I totally loved it. Spagetthi was tossed very well in olive oil, some flavourful garlic, chilli flakes, and parmesan cheese. On special request, I got some some dried tomatoes and mushrooms added to it. Flawless the dish seemed. Must try. ● MUSHROOM ASPARAGUS RISOTTO - Yet another rice Italian dish which I thought I should try. It was cooked to a very creamy consistency, with veggies in it and fungus mushrooms (black mushrooms). Totally loved it's velvety texture and authentic flavours. I had a humble and warm experience of some good Italian food at this place. With an array of dishes, each distinguished, I was highly impressed with the presentation of dishes as well which was simple yet attractive. Special thanks to the staff for such royal lunch.

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