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Walking Street by Soi 7


Walking Street by Soi 7 is situated in Sector Rd, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122007, India.

Customer Reviews - 4.3 from 5 Reviews

Eat With CHI - 08 February,2018 00:03:01am - 4/5 Rating

Fresh brewed beer is really good. The oriental food is well prepared like dimsums and mains. Loved the fish. The chocolate sponge roll in the dessert is a must try. Great place to be at! Nice music, bar, outdoors seating and huge screen

prashant pahwa - 16 February,2018 09:03:05am - 3/5 Rating

Staff is mildly friendly. Food and snacks are good. Beer could be better. Serving glasses were dirty

Yatendra Singh Chundawat - 31 January,2018 09:19:04am - 5/5 Rating

Went there on a ladies night. Ambience is good. Stays open till 1 in the morning. Kids not allowed on weekends. Served basically cocktails in menu on ladies night. Dj, staff and food were good.

Bhawna Chandra - 10 January,2018 06:30:05am - 5/5 Rating

One of my favourite place in sector 29. Good music and good food. Known for there amazing fresh beer in town.

abhishek chamoli - 23 January,2018 20:35:55pm - 4/5 Rating

Like the rooftop better if the whether is good. Like all pubs and bars in the city, things are good till the time nothing goes wrong.

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